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Your future hasn't been written yet. No one's has.
Your future is whatever you make it.
So make it a good one.

E.Brown, BTF3

Next Informatica has been active in the IT sector since 1998. It specialized in consulting, development of customized applications and integration with companies ERP systems. The lean organization made by a highly specialized team allows the company to be always up to date with the last technologies. This is why it is always able to offer innovative products and services, even in a very market becoming more and more demanding.

Over the 90’s there has been a growing interest and use of the Internet. Next Informatica responds to this interest offering not only desktop applications but also web applications. Collaborations and partnerships with key figures of the IT national sector and an open dialogue with new tech startups has led the company to become highly specialized in the web sector, with successful experiences both in “Business to Business”, “Busines to Consumer” and “E-Commerce”.

When companies started to offer services through the web a new problem arose: how to store the huge amount of data that was created. Although this could, at the beginning, be a problem it soon developed into an opportunity to create new professional roles. The processes of “Database Tuning” and statistics analysis through “Business Intelligence” tools have been finely optimized, and are now two of the key strategic points for every business.

The constant grow of web applications, the need of using internet as an active part of the core business and not only to advertise the business has forced Next Informatica to use an appropriate graphic and communicative strategy

Next Informatica growth, variety skills in all IT sectors, constant commitment in Research&Development of new technologies and demand from important clients and partners brought to the creation of its own Hardware infrastructure. Thanks to this effort Next Informatica can now offer to clients also the hosting service, making it easier to further implement and customize products.


The main goal and main concept that have leaded MD from its starts can be summarized as follows:

Develop what is missing, integrate what you have

Even in the same industrial sector each company is different from the others. This means that even the applications required are different. The main goal of Next Informatica is to offer to the client complete solution for his IT needs, develop the missing functions and integrate the existing system


Only one reference for your business

B ecause of the number of team members in an important project and the fact that each of team is specialized in a single aspect of the work the client often doesn’t know to whom he should speak. Offering a “single interlocutor” to the client is one of the main objectives of Next Informatica. This can be an employee or a partner according to each project needs. This allows the client to focus on his business and speak with one single person for all needs.


Everything is possible at the right price

T his is the idea behind the growth of Next Informatica over the years. In the world of IT there is nothing that can’t be created. The proof is that Next Informatica has always been able to build customized solutions. The goal of offering innovative services to any kind of companies at an accessible price (often a priviledge of big corporations) is the reason why Next Informatica has always given such a great attention to the Research&Development sector.



  • Programming in Windows for desktop
  • Creation of Applications Windows form and a DLL library
  • Development of web oriented applications
  • Creation of website with CMS o Custom
  • Development of platforms B2B / B2C
  • Development of E-Commerce custom or implementation of existing E-Commerce websites
  • Integration with managing platforms
  • Database Administration
  • Database Tuning
  • Business Intelligence (Data Warehouse)



  • Development and implementation of Management Applications in the pharmaceutical sector, 80%
  • Development of Business Intelligence custom application and data analysis in the pharmaceutical sector, 75%
  • Development and implementation of web CRM for the fashion industry, 80%
  • Development of E-Commerce websites in different sectors among which: Fashion, Construction, 60%
  • Development of B2B applications in various sectors among which: Fashion, Exibitions, 55%