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Next Catalogue - Documentation

Next Catalogue is a powerful module for DotNetNuke that allows all users even "non-technical" to present in a simple and fast a product catalog. Next Catalogue is not a module of e-commerce and not natively implements all its characteristic features, but is designed for those who want to display a gallery, with a strong graphic impact of their products. The module is designed to display the products in list mode and detail mode. Next Catalogue provides the ability to categorize the products into categories in a hierarchical structure. You can design your categoy tree with infinite levels. Placing the mouse over an image you can see in "overlay" some details about the item. In the example you can see: Brand, Model, Price

This module is separate from the main module and can be included or not in the page based on your choices. Using parameters settings can filter the display of the main category to display. The module will automatically display all of the categories below. Another important parameter is available that relative to the module connected to the inside of the gallery page. this feature leaves the developer freedom to include the same page more Gallery modules that display the filtered data from one or more modules "List of categories".

(A) Main Category
(B) Subcategory (2° Level)
The layout is on the list easily customized by the user to assure maximum adaptation to the site.                          It will be can then act on the following parameters:
  • number of images per row (number of columns)
  • Number of lines per page
  • height of the image (list presentation)
  • width of the image (list presentation)
  • Customizing link button (from page detail)
  • Displaying products filtered by category

This is the main section of the module Next Catalogue and here you can see your gallery of images / products

Depending on the settings you You can display the module with the following layout:

Single row with images that fill the stage


N° Rows 1
N°Columns 4
Height Img 260
Width Img 172

Single row - Images that do NOT fill the stage previewing the previous and subsequent ones.


N° Rows 2
N°Columns 4
Height Img 260
WidthImg 172

Two or more lines, images that fill the stage


Two or more rows, Pictures that DO NOT fill the stage displaying the previous and subsequent

This page is displayed in the lightbox format, showing all the details of the product page. Previsiti are the following fields:
  • Brand
  • Model
  • Short Description
  • Extended Description
  • Link to external URL
  • Price
  • Discounted
The product image is displayed in full size.

To ensure a fluidity of use and a pleasant user experience is the Next Catalogue was developed with the latest technology available based on the use of AJAX, jQuery and HTML5, making it devoid of annoying flash due to the "post back" pages.
The management interface of the backoffice Next Catalogue has been studied to optimize all features management of the data thus allowing a quick joint management through the use of AJAX, JQuery, CSS3, HTML5.
The module has an interface where you can manage the entry / modification of each individual product and functionality of massive loading through the use of a sheet CSV.